Selection Criteria


DH Machine

DH-FS Machine

DH-L Machine

DH-U Curved Machine

DT Machine

BM EPB Segmental 

Slurry Pumps

Guidance Systems

Jacking Systems

Rasa Island

Thrust Reducer

Jacking Layout

Treatment Systems

Beachwalk Project

Microtunneling, Inc. are exclusive agents in North and South America for Rasa 

MTBM, TBM, EPB, Slurry Shields, and Segment Shields.


Selection Criteria for Rasa Jacking Equipment

Slurry Pipe Jacking

Model: DH (for cobble gravel layer)

Rasa Model DH

Model: DT (for ordinary soil)

Model: DH-FS (microtunneling small start shaft)

Rasa Model DT

Rasa Model DH-FS

(for boulder & medium hard rock layer)

(for hard rock)

Rasa Head for Medium Rock or Boulders

Rasa Head for Hard Rock

Model: DH-L (for long distances)

Rasa Model DH-L

Model: DH-U (for curved drives)

Earth Pressure Balance Pipe Jacking

Model: BM (for ordinary soil and gravel layer)

Rasa Model BM

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